Pastoral Council

The parish Pastoral Council is an advisory and consultative body consisting of people who represent the parish community.  Parish Council forms a united body with the Pastor in discerning how the parish can best carry out its ministry to our own community, the archdiocese, and universal Church.

Parish Council, at the direction of the Pastor, is encouraged to participate with the Pastor in the decision-making process of the Parish in setting and directing the on-going long-range plan and vision of the parish.  Further, it works in conjunction with the various parish commissions and committees, and coordinates the implementation and assessment of those decisions and policies.  Finally, Parish Council is accountable to the Pastor and parishioners for the implementation of such decisions and policies.

Parish Council Meetings:      7:00 pm  2nd Thursday of each month (except summer)

What does Pastoral Council do?

  • We pray and work together to discern the will of God on how best to serve the parish.
  • We take time to learn and study about the role of the Pastoral Council, the parish and its needs, church and diocesan documents, and the skills utilized in its deliberations (e.g., listening, dialogue, consensus, etc.)
  • We prepare for meetings by studying the agenda sent in advance, or by reading any commission or parish staff reports and other materials pertinent to any agenda item.
  • We engage in pastoral planning, developing pastoral priorities and goals that carry out the ministry of the parish.
  • We consult and know the parish community so we can be the “voice” of the people (e.g., taking time at a council meeting to discuss results of phone polls or surveys taken before the meeting, or bringing to the attention of the pastor concerns raised by parishioners).


  • The purpose of the St. Francis Seraph Pastoral Council is to constitute the primary consultative voice of the parish community. The voice is based on the collective knowledge and experience of the parishioners.
  • To offer the Pastor practical advice consistent with the parish mission, by means of ongoing communication, planning, and evaluation.
  • To make recommendations for the improvement of the quality of the parish life and the effectiveness of the parish services and policies.

Pastoral Council Members

The Pastoral Council consists of six members plus Pastoral Associate, Bro. Tim Sucher OFM, and Pastor Al Hirt OFM. The members are selected by the parishioners, with staggering terms so that there is annual turnover of no more than two members. Members serve a three year term and are eligible for one immediate consecutive term. In the year 2024 the following are our Parish Council members and their email addresses:

Kay Brogle,
Gary Favors,
Mary Geers,
Carol Metz, President,
Rita Reichert,
Henry Stacey, Vice-President,