The purpose of worship for Roman Catholics is “the glorification of God and the edification of God’s people” as they journey in faith.  Sunday after Sunday members of our faith-community gather around the tables of Word and Sacrament to “do this in memory of Me.”  That is, to hold in memory the command of the Lord to gather, to proclaim the sacred scriptures, and to “eat this bread and drink the cup” until He comes again in glory.1

The Worship Commission works to enhance the quality of parish liturgical celebrations as well as foster the spiritual growth of St. Francis Seraph parishioners.  It does this by striving to build the faith of our community through an understanding of our Church rituals and traditions, and through the art of finding the most helpful expression of those traditions for our parish and its people.

The Worship Commission values liturgy as the central ministry of our parish community from which we all take our identity and from which all other activities of the parish flow.

Therefore, the Worship Commission is charged with ensuring that liturgical worship and sacraments remain at the center of parish life.

Worship Commission Responsibilities

Central responsibilities of the Worship Commission as a whole are:

  • Working with the Pastor, the Worship Commission acts as a sounding board in setting the yearly calendar for Sundays and other major parish liturgies.
  • Supports the effective preparation and celebration of liturgy at St. Francis Seraph Parish.
  • Strives to create a worship environment that promotes growth in faith.
  • Oversees the recruitment, formation, scheduling, and evaluation of all those groups associated with liturgical celebrations: Lectors, Eucharistic Ministers, Ushers, Greeters, Servers, Music Ministry, and Art & Environment.
  • Continue to inform itself (individually and as a group) through prayer, self-education, and addition formal education (e.g., seminars, workshops, etc.) about the riches and mystery of liturgy and worship within the Catholic tradition.


The Worship Commission meets about four to six times annually.  Meetings are announced and are usually held on the announced date immediately following the Sunday Mass in the Parish Conference Room.

Worship Commission Members

Worship Commission members have a love for and a strong commitment to liturgy and worship.  Members continue to inform themselves – through prayer, study, and discussion – about liturgy and the celebration of the sacraments.

Members are asked to serve on Worship Commission from within the various liturgical ministries (one representative of each).  Members serve for a three-year term (staggering years) and are eligible for one immediate consecutive term.